Could a medication exist that blocks the autoimmune attack that causes type 1 diabetes (T1D)? Study doctors are hoping to answer this question in the GleeT1D clinical trial.

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Beta cells maintain healthy blood sugars. Study doctors are investigating if Gleevec may enable people recently diagnosed with T1D to keep some of their own beta cells.

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GleeT1D is a clinical research study evaluating a therapy called Gleevec in people recently diagnosed with T1D.

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GleeT1D is a nationwide effort to study the effect of Gleevec on people newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This study will help medical researchers determine if a short-term course of medication can have a long-term effect on the body’s ability to preserve and make insulin-producing beta cells.

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The study has completed enrollment at this time.

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Having remaining beta cells means better blood sugar control. We are studying Gleevec to determine if it may prolong the body’s natural insulin production by maintaining healthy beta cells.

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